Our Model

First InitializationAn official request is placed by a potential investor addressed to the Managing Director of the Center. The request must make clear that the proposal does not require any type of government assistance (support) and is strictly export oriented. If these two requirements are not clearly met, the requests will be immediately rejected.None
SecondCommitteeA committee is formed to examine the specific application. The committee consist of at least five members which is chaired by the Managing Director of the Center.None
ThirdAcceptance or RejectionThe proposal is examined and a decision is reached in less than two weeks. At this stage additional information may be required.None
FourthFace-to-Face MeetingA meeting between the Managing Director and the potential investor is arranged to discuss the details of the investment project.None
FifthReportThe committee prepares a detailed report of the feasibility of the investment project and a roadmap of its implementation.None
SixthLegal AgreementA legal agreement is prepared and signed between the investor and the Center. In this a clause is included which specifies the financial obligations of the investor only in the case that the investment project is finally carried out along the lines of the agreement.None
SeventhImplementationThe Center appoints a project manager who will be responsible for the implementation of the entire process of the investment project. The project manager will be the only contact the investor will have throughout the entire process of planning and implementation of the investment. The project manager will brief the Managing Director of the Center on a regular base on the progress of the project.None
EighthFinalizationThe investment is finalized and the business starts its operation. The investor is required to pay the fee stipulated in the sixth stage. None
NinthOperationIf the investor decides to continue to use the consulting services of the Center (legal, accounting, financing, taxing, human resources), then a new agreement must be signed between the Center and the investor.Required
*It refers to the fees required by the Center and it does not include fees required by other agencies such as government, chambers, professional associations which require legal fee payments.