The Center for Foreign Investment in Greece (CFIG) was established in 2020 to promote inward investment to Greece by providing education (consulting) and market research services using the pool of academics and practitioners who are members of the Athens Institute for Education and Research especially the members of its Business, Economics and Law Division.

The center is an independent organization with a mission to promote investment which are not based on any kind of government support and are strictly (100%) export oriented. Potential investors can benefit from the free services (legal, accounting, managerial, financial etc.) of the CFIG if they meet these two basic requirements. This is a non-government and non-profit initiative to facilitate FDI in Greece by establishing a true one stop shop.

According to the recent (2019) report by World Bank which ranks countries in terms of governance stated that “The six composite WGI measures are useful as a tool for broad cross-country comparisons and for evaluating broad trends over time.  However, they are often too blunt a tool to be useful in formulating specific governance reforms in particular country contexts.  Such reforms, and evaluation of their progress, need to be informed by much more detailed and country-specific diagnostic data that can identify the relevant constraints on governance in particular country circumstances”. CFIG will provide to potential investors such detailed Greek-specific diagnostic data.